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Bouncing Cats – Uganda

Oops…didn’t mean to post this here. I meant it for another blog on which I gather interesting articles and videos for my research on Hip-hop artists’ development in Toronto. I figure I’ll leave it here after all as it’s quite interesting.

Obviously, this video isn’t about Toronto, but I’m prepping for my first ever undergrad lecture tomorrow (!!!), for a class I’m TAing, and this is one of the videos I’m showing to give an idea of how hip-hop is being used around the world to help build communities.

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November 6, 2013 · 4:06 pm


Pretty exciting…

I can type my name into U of T Library’s search field and my first ever academic journal article comes up!  Independent music teachers, followed by academics, make up most of American Music Teacher‘s readership.  I hope this article is helpful, or at least interesting, for those who have wondered what to make of “inattentive” young students.

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