I believe that saying Myrtle is the best would be considered an understatement because she is beyond amazing as a teacher. I’ve always admired her, not only as an educator and a musician but also as a human being. She is very passionate and her talent never fails to amaze me. I don’t know how to fully explain this, but the passion that she carries with her definitely projects onto other people. She has and will always inspire me to become a better musician (and a person), despite not taking classes anymore. Her teaching style is very gentle and friendly-like. She encourages her students to do well all the time because she has an unlimited amount of faith in them. She always made me feel like I was at home with her warm personality, and most importantly, she never gave up on me, not even once. You will definitely not have any regrets about taking classes with her!

Lisette Abines, Former Student
Ryerson University